Wildlife / Danger Tree Assessment

Trumbley Environmental Consulting - Wildlife Danger Tree AssessmentsDo you have concerns over the safety of trees on your property? Hill Environmental Ltd. can complete a Wildlife/Danger tree assessment to certify the safety of a tree or recommend methods to eliminate a potential safety risk. Hill Environmental Ltd. holds valid certificates in the Park and Recreation Module of the Provincial Wildlife/Danger tree program and are qualified to complete danger tree assessments within riparian areas.

Hill Environmental Ltd. strives to implement the mandate of the Wildlife Tree Committee "to promote the conservation of wildlife trees and associated stand-level biodiversity in a safe and operationally efficient manner, in forest, park and urban environments", Trumbley Environmental Consulting - Wildlife Danger Tree Assessmentswhile protecting the safety of the persons involved. (http://www.for.gov.bc.ca/HFP/values/wildlife/WLT/index.htm Ministry of Forest and Range, 2006)