Key Personnel

Michele Hill, RPBio

personnel-micheleMichele is the founder of the company and is the Senior Environmental Scientist.  She has been a Registered Professional Biologist with the College of Applied Biology since 1997. Michele is also a Qualified Environmental Professional (QEP) and is trained in Riparian Areas Regulation Methodology. Michele's 20 years of experience includes aquatic and riparian habitats, riparian areas assessments, impact assessments, compensation and mitigation, fish salvage, environmental monitoring, fish and fish habitat inventories, water quality, vegetation assessments, soils, stand structure, wildlife tracking, ungulate winter range, live trapping, and wildlife habitats. She has participated in a variety of studies ranging from ungulate winter range assessments to Fish and Fish Habitat Inventories.

Michele is also the quality assurance/ quality control officer on all projects conducted by Hill Environmental Limited. As president of Hill Environmental Limited, Michele is responsible for the daily operation of the company and its personnel in addition to field studies.