New Website Launched

February 28, 2019

Like a caterpillar morphs into a butterfly and rivers mould the landscape, we have undergone a fantastic change over the past few months.  From our refreshed logo to our stunning new website, we have transformed just like the environment around us.

We still offer the same environmental assessment services you know and trust, just with a beautiful new look and feel.

We needed something simple, yet stunning, that was easy to navigate and expressed our love of the environment. Enter Sproing Creative, the creative agency who made it all possible by helping us to understand who we are as a company. We were able to gain clarity and allow our passion for what we do come to life through our brand and our website.

Our mission has always been to conduct environmental consultations that incorporate the infinite interactions between aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems while balancing the demands of modern society.

Whether you require Riparian, Terrestrial, Aquatic or other environmental assessments, Hill Environmental ensures they are completed efficiently, with minimal human impact to the surrounding environment. We work with many sectors from Forestry and Government to contractors and private landowners.

Our senior biologists perform all of our consultations, which means we get you results and updates quickly and efficiently.

Ready to get an assessment done? Contact us for your next project and know you are in excellent hands with Hill Environmental!

Are you building your dream home, have a dock or marina that needs upgrading or need an environmental assessment?

We will help you navigate the permitting process and work with you.